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Save Me Children’s Choir emphasizes the importance of education by recruiting and sponsoring socially disadvantaged children in our program who do not have enough funding to get them through school by giving them the opportunity to receive an education while developing their talents and as a result, we concentrate on those activities that give our students ample time to obtain the required education.

We teach all forms of the Arts, dance, drama, music, arts and crafts, folklore, storytelling and singing and as a result, the choir has, we hope to produce many professional artists in a wide variety of artistic disciples in the years to come.

The Choir engages in various projects aimed at keeping African generations educated about traditional and Christian entertainment and also uses traditional entertainment to spread the gospel, knowledge and educative information about issues which affect their lives based on sharing and developing power, skills, knowledge and experience of people as individuals and in groups, thus enabling them to undertake initiatives of their own to combat social, economic, political and environmental problems.


The Choir offers a glance at several aspects of African societies and a slice of vibrant African life suitable for diverse audiences.

Our cultural performances show a true depiction of the African culture with program activities aimed at a wide audience and can be designed for schools, corporate entertainment, community projects, public performance, festivals and inter-cultural exchange.

Through our productions, the choir provides cultural and contemporary entertainment at various functions such as wedding receptions, corporate cocktails & Dinners, Launches, celebrations, at graduations, anniversaries, conferences, expos, festivals, opening ceremonies, state and community functions and any other such events that require a cultural touch. We display work-out and give you a dazzling and breathtaking experience.